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In accordance with Article 7 of New York State’s Public Officer’s Law, as well as Education Law Title 1, Article 5, Section 260a, Ashville Free Library Board of Trustee meetings shall be open to the general public. Executive sessions may be called as a portion of the open meeting and appropriate business transacted in accordance with Article 7, Section 105 of Public Officers Law. Minutes of an open meeting will consist of a record or summary of all motions, proposals, resolutions, and any matter formally voted upon and the vote thereon. Minutes of a public meeting will be available 30 days following the date of the meeting. Regular board meetings are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month, except August and December when the Board does not meet. Meetings are held at the library at 7:00 PM. Dates of the meetings are posted on the bulletin board in the entry of the library.

Adopted by the Ashville Free Library Board of Trustees 5/24/2022