March 31, 2015

Homework Help & Research
Free site and a good place to start researching.
121,000 education oriented sites. Search by keyword or subject. Study web Junior K-8 younger children teens
Internet public library has 27,000 Internet resources hand picked, organized and described by librarians and library students. Step by step guide for writing and research.
3,400 links by librarians, 43 headings and numerous subject directories.
Elementary, middle, high school students, parents and teachers, this site has something for everyone. Current events and virtual field trips.
Grades K-8, Math Science tables, timelines, science, math, social studies, and world news. Short paragraph biographies, search by subject or keyword.
Great math web site! Very easy to navigate and has great examples.
Discovery Channel Web Site for Kids. 60 different adventures for kids. Live cams and links to The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, The Travel Channel and Discovery Health.
The Internet’s #1 site for K-8 teachers and Kids. Fun for all ages.
NASA site for kids under 13 years of age.
NASA site for teenagers and older.
Kids guides to the web, fun, games, great Web sites for kids.
Teacher/Parent reference resource. Homework help K-12